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Media partners and supporting organizations help spread the word about the summit of igaming in Malta internationally. Their reach is instrumental to ensure that the best quality crowd, c-level executives, affiliates and related delegates attend SiGMA and network, network, network!

Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management

Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management is a quarterly publication from Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd. It is the leading healthcare title in print and digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world’s leading healthcare providers. Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the healthcare industry across Asia and rest of the world. SEE MORE

Barcelona Health Hub

mission of the Barcelona Health Hub association is to promote innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector, linking startups, health organizations, companies and investors. SEE MORE

Cannyx Markets

At the heart of the Cannyx Markets is the collective strength of knowledge and expertise of its founders. Their Banking, brokerage, commodity trading, MTF and business and enterprise technology experience together with years of running private and public companies with astute and uncompromising business acumen. Every one of them has ahad work experience in some of the top tier institutuins in the world. SEE MORE


Cryptopay is a global payment gateway that allows merchants to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Using Cryptopay, merchants can settle in digital assets, or traditional fiat currency. With a suite of reporting and risk management tools to offer in addition, Cryptopay is the leading gateway provider for cryptocurrency payments. SEE MORE

Digital Health Malta

Digital Health Malta's vision is to help with the transformation of the maltese healthcare sector through digital health. They want to do this by informing the general public, helping with innovation and facilitating transition. They believe that focusing on these three things will not only help the maltese economy and teach the general public but they believe that it will help the maltese population to live healthier and happier lives. SEE MORE

Digital Health Today

Digital Health Today was created for you, the health leaders and transformers, who are working to change the current paradigms of health and wellness. They feature guests who are advancing, developing, designing, applying and funding real solutions to improve personal and population health. SEE MORE

Faces of Digital Health

Faces of Digital Health explores the speed at which healthcare systems around the world are adopting digital transformation. Specially curated discussions with carefully selected speakers challenge overtly hyped assumptions about the modern state of healthcare innovation. SEE MORE

Health Podcast Network

Health Podcast Network features authoritative shows, hosts and guests who take on the tough topics in health and care with empathy, expertise and a commitment to excellence. We are one of the largest and fastest-growing collections of high-quality health podcasts. Health Podcast Network connects content creators, engaged listeners and organizations working to improve health and care for people around the world. From clinicians and executives, to investors and inventors, and everyone in between, we help people discover and tune into the podcasts that matter most to them. Health Podcast Network is the place to discover the shows, hosts and guests providing original programming that covers a range of topics facing the health sector in creative, engaging episodes. SEE MORE

Health Tech World

Health Tech World is an accessible but singularly specialist title, providing expert commentary on this critical and dynamic sector of the global economy. It is brought to you by Aspect Publishing, which produces Neuro Rehab Times, the world’s leading magazine for brain and spine professionals. SEE MORE

Healthcare Global

Healthcare Digital is a trusted authority on the latest healthcare news combining executive thought leadership interviews with the very latest case studies on Healthcare, Digital Health, Technology, Supply Chain & Sustainability.

Hub Publishing

Hub Publishing has created a strong digital portfolio for health and care teams throughout the UK and beyond, so if you’re interested in the world of healthcare, you’ll be interested in them. SEE MORE


KindCongress is basically a free, worldwide service in order to advance the quality of international conferences with the aim of expanding the culture of science. Scientific conferences are among the most effective scientific events contributing to the development of science. They are meant to present the latest research findings and to keep up to date with the latest scientific breakthroughs in different fields of science. For young researchers, conferences serve as an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest discussions and activities in the scientific world. SEE MORE

Magazin Legalizace

Legalizace is the first periodical dedicated to cannabis lifestyle in Czech. The magazine is available for purchase in the official distribution network of newsagents, newsstands, and department stores in more than 2,500 locations across the country and in Slovakia for 4,99 €. Every two months, the magazine comes out in a printing of 12,000 copies and brings the readers many interesting, factual, but also entertaining articles and reports from the world of cannabis. Thanks to its original graphic design and extensive informative content, the magazine has managed to gain a wide and steady readership during its existence among readers of all ages. Our website currently has about 35k unique visitors per month and is updated with new content on a daily basis. SEE MORE

Malta Business

Malta Business is an editorial initiative of the italian agency Conzorzio Euromed made to spread to all the economic and social news about the Republic of Malta, with the belief that maltese economic sistem can represent a unique opportunity to increase the industrial and commercial opportunities of Italian companies. SEE MORE


MEDtube is a video-centric social eLearning platform for Healthcare Professionals exclusively. It is free to use by the HCP community worldwide (registration is required to benefit from all the website's peer-rewieved educational content and tools). In 2021 the library reached 25,000+ medical materials and the community exceeded 250,000+ professional subscribers (global audience). SEE MORE

mHealth Spot

The term mHealth (for mobile health) is used to describe the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices. They at mHealth Spot are here to cover it all. Whether they’re talking about fitness apps, mobile diabetes tracking, doctor to patient management solutions, smart bands or any other mHealth-related thing – they’ll cover it all. Their plan is to make mHealth Spot a leading source of mHealth information. SEE MORE

Nerum Pharma

Nerum Pharmaceuticals AG is a pharmaceutical start-up based in Switzerland. We focus on innovative ingredients and products with a pipeline that spans multiple therapy areas in the phyto-pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical space. We work in close collaboration with consumer product companies to bring new functionalities and therapeutic benefits to their final products. SEE MORE


Chez Newsweed, ils pensent qu’une information complète et sans parti-pris sur le cannabis est une des clés de compréhension de cette plante stupéfiante. Débordant largement de la sphère du « petit joint le soir sur son canap' », le cannabis touche dans sa globalité à l’ensemble des sujets de notre société : santé, social, justice, économie, agriculture, chimie, sciences… Apporter une information vraie, sourcée et vérifiée sur le cannabis, tout en tenant compte des évolutions légales, scientifiques, thérapeutiques et culturelles du cannabis, est la base du travail de Newsweed. Et ils s'appliquent à le faire quotidiennement. SEE MORE


THC.GUIDE leading Cannabis & CBD Online SEE MORE

The Entrepreneur’s Doctor

The Entrepreneur's Doctor is always on the look out for creative ways of addressing complex problems people face, such as COVID-19, cancer, chronic diseases, and climate change. And for them, that needs innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship across ALL sectors. The majority of our health, perhaps 90%, is actually determined by factors outside the healthcare sector. This includes the homes and cities we live in, our transport systems, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, our education, occupation, social network, and so much more. Sectors contributing to health include business, marketing, law, architecture, engineering, urban planning, education, journalism, telecommunications, and science. SEE MORE

The Journal of mHealth

The Journal of mHealth is an international publication bringing the latest developments in health technology innovations to healthcare and industry professionals around the world. SEE MORE

This week in digital health

This Week in Digital Health (TWIDH) supports companies, organizations, and healthcare providers both in Europe and worldwide with Digital Media services to develop their business in the EU and beyond. The TWIDH team is in contact with healthcare providers and health authorities across EU countries. The TWIDH team speaks multiple languages. SEE MORE