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Following a very successful first run, the 2nd edition of AGS Dubai Pitch is back for 2022. Over 100 promising startups will be selected to showcase their products and initiatives throughout the event, which will be held this year at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City. Each startup will benefit from a booth at the expo, bringing them unparalleled opportunities to connect with leading investors and mentors during the event. However, only the judges’ top ten will make it to the live Pitch competition during the final leg of the summit. Startups can increase their chance of being one of the top 100 by sending in a 3-minute video-introduction upon participation!

startup village participants will get:


Free 1*1m booth including cost of printing and furniture


Invitation to premium networking events during AGS


Startup pitch presentation for six finalists - meet the investors on stage


AGS PR: magazines, website, email, newsletter, interviews


Free consultancy and potential leads from leading industry veterans


We will personally connect you to potential customers and/or investors




JT has operated in the gaming profession throughout his entire career beginning on the Racecourse's and in the Betting Shops in the UK before setting off on an almost 25-year global tour starting in Australia and through just about every jurisdiction known to the industry including Antigua, Asia, Costa Rica, Ireland, Malta (several times) and Panama. His main focus has always been on Sports Trading and Risk Management on the business side of matters and his love for Horse Racing when it comes to R and R!



Tim Heath was an early adopter of Bitcoin and is also the founder of the Coingaming Group, which operates gaming brands Bitcasino.io, Sportsbet.io, Slots.io and the innovative aggregator Hub88.io. In his spare time, Tim is an accomplished poker and squash player and Captain of the Estonian national cricket team.

Michelle Held


Michelle is a brand marketing strategist, entrepreneur, author involved in the technology industry for over 20 years. She is the founder of MetroNY, LLC and runs AskCyberSecurity.com. Michelle specializes in social media, content development, and digital project management.



Daven Michaels is a serial entrepreneur who has turned multiple diverse ventures into extremely successful businesses, including a few multimillion dollar home runs. He is a world traveler, international speaker, and New York Times Bestselling Author. Daven has been a Crypto entrepreneur & investor since 2016 and has become a big proponent of Decentralized Finance. He currently serves as the Executive Chairman for CurrentC Power, a Renewable Energy provider to the Crypto Mining industry, Ticker Symbol: POWR.



Founder of one of Israel’s leading tech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency law firms. Previously, an attorney in Israel’s largest firms and an in-house legal counsel in a leading venture capital fund and a blockchain investment fund, where he has advised and led negotiations on numerous cryptocurrency-related investment transactions and initial coin offerings as well as numerous venture capital deals.



Charles has over 20 years’ experience working in the betting and gambling industry. Charles loves to inspire entrepreneurs and business communities to create and share trusted opportunities; to scout and connect talents; to improve and leverage the knowledge to generate personal and social value. He is currently Owner and CEO at Betadvisor.com working with Tipsters and Professional Punters, Syndicates and Affiliates, Betting Operators and new Start-Ups across the world, advising on all new opportunities of the gaming industry. Betadvisor is a UK company that provides professional sports betting advice. Established in 2010, Betadvisor is an international organization present with 1000+ advisors,1000+ affiliates and partner of more than 125,000 customers in over 80 countries. Betadvisor rapid growth is driven by technological innovation and a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs. Betadvisor is the leading provider of tipster services to the betting industry. As former rugby player, Charles loves Team working and Cooperation. He wrote 2 books about Win-Win Strategies and Global Cooperation introduced by the past Italian Prime Minister and President of the European Commission Romano Prodi. Charles did his Study In Italy and Canada. He holds a honors degree in Politics Science.



Vinícius has over ten years of experience working as an investor and operator at the intersection of finance and tech. He has been an active venture capital investor at leading funds in Europe and Latin America and holds an MBA from ESADE (Spain).

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Meet the investors


CEO - Umnai


Investor - Ikigai Ventures


Co-Founder - Launch DXB


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Togggle - Togggle relies on the PIMS concept according to which users are the holders of their own personal data and they should be entitled to control and manage it. To do so, their data should be in a secure, decentralized storage systems enabling them to decide consciously which services and which third parties can use them.

Lock & Stock - We are a free mobile app that helps students fight digital addiction by rewarding students to stay off their phones in exchange for weekly prizes, offers, discounts and scholarships from our partners. To date we have accounted for over 700 years of total time spent offline.

AdHash - Today's ad ecosystem is incredibly complex. It takes over 20 different middlemen for an advertiser to place an ad on a publisher's website. AdHash eliminates this complexity and the associated inefficiencies (tracking, 70% commissions, slow-loading websites) by creating the first direct ad serving infrastructure on the market. That means that publishers and advertisers will no longer have to rely on third-party data. All data is first-party. All of it is verified through cryptography. There is no room left for discrepancies or ad fraud.

Fanera - Fanera is the first social network for and by football fans, our vision is to be the TikTok for football.

ViewIT - ViewIT is the SnapChat for real estate.

Factrade - Factrade is an online B2B trading platform where industry players can trade with confidence and transparency. Factrade fills the gap between buyers and suppliers by giving them high-quality market information, access to the majority of the business partners in the industry, and a detailed track record about the business partners.

Soken - Soken is a customisable mobile corporate well-being platform designed to improve employee engagement & help every employee in an organisation be happier, healthier, and more productive. We are a software-as-a-service platform that targets companies with over 100 employees, offering our service at a set monthly fee per employee.

Atlas World Sports - Atlas World Sports Connects Sports Bettors to All legal Sportsbooks and Scores in the United States based on location from the app. Through a Single Sign on Point of Entry, all bets and winnings are tracked from Atlas World Sports for all Sportsbooks. - Think of Expedia/Trivago/Hotels Tonight, etc. for sportsbooks.

Ekkbaz - At EkkBaz, we finance small neighbourhood grocery businesses to digitally procure from their local suppliers in FMCG industry. EkkBaz aims to onramp millions of small neighbourhood businesses across the world to Web3 using its EKK Token project.

Indoleads - Indoleads is a global e-commerce affiliate platform, a bridge between advertisers and affiliates helping each side to achieve its goals.

Ibizplatform - Ibizplatform is a cloud based Saas Platform for connecting businesses in Industrial Marine & Infra sectors for sales, procurement, hiring and marketing needs. The portal assist companies with limited resources in sourcing live matching sales enquiries thereby boosting their sales and market outreach. The platform helps companies to market their products and services to industry specific network thereby improving the conversion rate. We help companies to digitalize procurement and project tendering process. We assist HR dept to make use of our video CV screening technique to reduce time and resource spend of hiring and bulk hiring needs.