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While Malta Week 2021 set quite a high bar to reach, the SiGMA Group is happy to rise to the challenge and present the 2022 edition of AGS’ Start-up Pitch.

Each startup will have a small booth on the expo floor surrounded by top investors and mentors. However, only the judges’ top ten make it to the Pitch. Increase your chance of being one of the top 100 by providing a 5-minute video introduction upon participation.

startup village participants will get:


Free 1*1m booth including cost of printing and furniture


Invitation to premium networking events during AGS


Startup pitch presentation for six finalists - meet the investors on stage


AGS PR: magazines, website, email, newsletter, interviews


Free consultancy and potential leads from leading industry veterans


We will personally connect you to potential customers and/or investors




Founder - HasTraffic



Managing Director - Revenue Capital LLC

Serial startup founder, former Techstars Startup Programmes Organiser & Facilitator and Programme Manager of the YouStartIT Startup Accelerator. Currently, Jarek is a managing director of Revenue Capital, an alternative startup fund based on the tokenised Revenue-Based Funding model, supporting innovative projects of the new wave of the Creator Economy.



Director Of Marketing - Halborn

Arabdha leads the marketing at Halborn, an elite cybersecurity firm specializing in blockchain companies. She is also a computer science engineer, entrepreneur, and artist who strives to bring these facets together with her everyday work. Her key-value addition lies at the vortex of technology, startups, and marketing. Arabdha has extensive experience with crypto marketing and also teaches adjunct with Madrid-based, IE Business School.



Social Media Strategist & Growth Hacker - Google & Your Social Media Expert

Yesim Saydan is a Social Media Strategist and Growth Hacker, helping Business Owners multiply their Sales and Brand Reach - by using social media strategically and creatively. She is a Social Media Mentor at Google’s Accelerator, while running her Social Media Consultancy. In addition, she has been invited to speak at various conferences worldwide. After being responsible for global projects of multinational brands such as Citibank in New York, BNP Paribas in Paris and RBS in Amsterdam, she set up her own Digital Consultancy to help companies, whose mission she believes in, reach their goals by bringing out of box thinking to their Social Media Marketing as well as creative Growth Hacking tactics.



Managing Director - Revenue Capital LLC

Serial startup founder, former Techstars Startup Programmes Organiser & Facilitator and Programme Manager of the YouStartIT Startup Accelerator. Currently, Jarek is a managing director of Revenue Capital, an alternative startup fund based on the tokenised Revenue-Based Funding model, supporting innovative projects of the new wave of the Creator Economy.



Founder - Tinysponsor

Mike is the Founder & CEO of Tinysponsor, the only inventory-driven and creator-first marketplace for influencer and content sponsorships. Mike brings his diverse experience as an entrepreneur, VC, technologist, polymath, and digital strategist to focus on building a platform and industry standards that help creators and business collaborate and thrive together. He is also the founder of Marketing Club on Clubhouse, a top 10 club globally and the biggest industry club on platform with over 250,000 members and followers. Additionally, Mike advises numerous brands, startups, agencies, and creators, primarily in the consumer-facing products, food, video gaming, and crypto verticals.

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Meet the investors


CEO - Umnai


Chairman - Block On Capital


Founder - HasTraffic



Augnet - Augnet is an A2P SMS company set up with the express purpose of bringing transparency and integrity to the SMS industry. We do this by providing clear statistics on latency and delivery of SMS to our customers so that they only need to worry about the content of their messages, and not about whether they're being delivered or not.

Content Lab - Our platform puts the client firmly in control and at the centre of the content development process. It has been specifically designed with the client in mind, to provide an optimal user experience as well ensuring that all aspects of the content process are brought together in one place.

e-bot7 - We are building the next generation Conversational AI platform. Speed, passion and dynamism are the basis of our DNA. We develop practical applications of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for customer service and help companies to increase efficiency in customer service.. This drastically reduces costs and increases revenues.

Exorde - Exorde is an information-mining marketplace targeted at fake news. Rather than adopting a traditional fact-checking stance, Exorde proposes APIs to easily integrate its trust scores everywhere. Exorde is a new platform aimed at tracing the propagation of information on the Web and selling trust scores on it. By combining state of the art NLP modules and diverse other AIs, Exorde aims to help users of popular platforms remain critical with regards to the information they encounter, all the while drastically improving the user experience of said platforms.

Nu Credits - Nu Credits is a trade finance platform for businesses connecting banks & liquidity providers and suppliers exporting to overseas blue chip companies and getting instant cash flow. We deploy Blockchain technology creating digital assets for account receivables & letter of credits making it much easier to be traded at global capital markets. We are combining both AdTech and Fintech for building a digital marketing platform that helps e-Commerce sellers and Digital Apps of which we have been helping for raising their trade working capital to place Ad campaigns through our offering.

Phonemix Ltd - Fincom.co’s advanced “Phonetic Fingerprint” technology, quickly traces any Entity/Name by Name Pronunciation or “Name-Sound”, based on a Single Mathematical Representation, this enables Accurate Name Matching and Screening across 38 different languages, spellings variations and transliterations in numerous databases. As a result it reduces False Positives by over 50% compared to current industry standards whilst also prevent "missed" alerts.

Radd - Radd is an eCommerce Intelligence platform for boosting user generated content via LIVE & data driven reviews. Our eCommerce story-like reviews are: 1. Data Driven. 2. Authenticated. 3. Broadcast LIVE. Moreover, we’re a data company. On the brand side: we provide valuable and immediate insights, based on customer behaviour. When it comes to the end user: we make shopping personalised because each one of them meets a completely different set of story reviews, in accordance with their shopping history.

SEO Tester Online - We help online businesses to reach new customers on search engines. SEO Tester Online is the web suite designed to help marketers, SEO specialists, companies and web agencies to monitor and improve the organic visibility of their site or that of their customers on the web, thanks to innovative tools for SEO and web marketing.

SurferPenguin - We have 3 affiliate sites between casino and sports and one youtube channel. Our founders are coming from the best companies in Malta and we have big expertise in leading generations. And we are focused on LATAM markets. We are creating quality content and we have a lot of contacts at igaming industry Affiliate rev share and CPA, and we are sending toplist positions , banners and backlinks. We have for Sports site one of the best betting / trading profesional in the world, he also is a tipster and he creates quality videos on youtube channels.